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Caring for Your Dog


Your dog is now part of the family. Give him his own special place in the house and provide a bed somewhere free of draughts and near the centre of family life, without being in the way. At times when you need to leave your dog outside the house he must have access to suitable shelter which in most cases means a properly constructed kennel of suitable size. It must be both waterproof and windproof with a wooden floor raised from the ground. Never allow your dog to sleep on concrete for any length of time, even in summer. Protection from the heat is also necessary.

Dogs and Children

Young children must always be carefully supervised when around animals. They must learn never to tease the dog but to treat it kindly and with respect.


Most adult dogs thrive on commercially prepared foods, but at the same time they do enjoy some variety. Follow feeding instructions on the tin or packet, and ascertain your dogs ideal weight, as like people, dogs differ in their dietary needs. A stew of cooked meat with added rice and vegetables is nourishing and economical. All dogs need access to a little grass which they eat from time to time to maintain their natural digestive balance. A bowl of fresh water must always be available.


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